Silky Dogwood


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Current Size: 3ft

Mature Size: 6-8ft Shrub

Silky Dogwood is a deciduous ornamental shrub .Use these for hedgerows and windbreaks, or even as a specimen plant. they work well for erosion control.
Your Silky Dogwood has attractive greenish-white flower clusters that appear in flat-topped, 2.5-inch clusters in the spring. The flowers mature to berry-like drupes that begin white but slowly transform to a lovely blue for the fall.
The fruit is eaten by game birds, and is especially important as a source of food for migrating songbirds. The glossy, medium-green leaves are up to 5-inches long.
The Silky Dogwood will mature to 6-8 feet tall with an equal spread, but can be trimmed to any size. It has no serious insect or disease issues and is relatively fast-growing.  Silky Dogwood does particularly well in moist areas, so would be a great addition to your yard for those soggy areas that are difficult to find good plantings for. 
Silky dogwood’s beautiful spring flowers, fall drupes and lively bark color make it a charming addition for your home.  Its fast-growing, hardy nature and suitability for even moist soils add even more benefit to this lovely ornamental shrub.